Success Stories

Success Stories

At time of my first conception, I was at Malaysia, when I delivered my first child I observed she had a less of immune power and emotionally she was weak. When we thought of a second child we came in contact of Ved Garbha. I followed the entire treatments and plans as doctor suggested. I feel the difference in my both the children. One can have desired baby who is mentally and physically fit by Garbhsanskar and I have witnessed it.

Amisha Rajeev Rathod

I wanted my child to fulfill my dreams which I could not achieve. So when I conceived, I approached Dr Karishmaben- Ved Garbha to have an all rounder baby. She gave me guidelines as per ayurvedic diet and regimen like what to eat, how to stay positive etc. My baby is 6 years old and you can see a different level of confidence in her. Hiya stood first in many speed skating championships for under 6 years kids at state level. Her teachers also say that she is multi-talented child, I believe, this has happened due to Garbhsanskar Procedures I underwent.

Artiben changani (Jamnagar , Gujarat)

I am having black belt in Karate and I am teaching and practicing self defense since 11 years. So when we planned my first baby, I wanted it to be physically strong & fit just like me. Dr Karishma has guided me thoroughly and I have undergone all the Garbhsanskar vidhis in my both pregnancies. And my first baby Maitri can do all difficult yoga poses and other exercise at this small age, her body is very flexible and I am proud of her. I find my both kids mentally as well physically strong and active from other kids of their age.

Prexaben Bhatt

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