What is Garbh sanskar?

Garbh Sanskar, a scientifically proven fact, is an amazing way of teaching/ educating and bonding with unborn baby in womb during pregnancy. Traditionally it is believed that child’s mental set up along with personality is greatly influenced by the thoughts of mother during pregnancy.


Garbh sanskar involves tradition diet herbs as per indication, Yoga, Music some of Behavioural and thinking practices and ayurvedic medication as and when required. All these course of actions are precursor to bring harmony in the child that is to be born.


These methods start before a year or more before conception, including entire period of pregnancy and helps for easy and natural childbirth. And the guidance is continued until the child is of 1 year or older. Shortly the program covers Prenatal Period, Preganancy and Postnatal Period.


Garbh Sanskar process not only benefits unborn baby but also has immense benefits for mother too.


Qualities seen in kids born after Garbh sanskar

  • Development of milestones like head holding, head moving sentence making etc are achieved prior to other children
  • Qualities include creative mind, less stubborn, calm, confident,courageous/ brave/ bold, serving attitude,loving and happy.
  • Good blend of all the five intelligence like physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.
  • Protects baby from negative energies.
  • Improves immunity system.
  • Healthy baby at the time of birth.


In case of history of hereditary diseases in family, Garbh Sanskar process mitigates the risk of disease to a greater extent if started during planning phase with full devotion.


Benefits to would be mother

  • Positive state of mind throughout pregnancy
  • Enhances chances of normal delivery
  • Good health of mother during and after delivery
  • Pregnancy occurs very smoothly without any complication
  • Pregnancy becomes enjoyable experience.

Vedic reasons behind Garbh Sanskar


You can invite divine souls to take birth as transition phase is going on. Spiritually during this time all the divine souls are keen to take birth. Divine souls come with good learning to perform good acts in this world. Hence are constantly looking for the right parents, perfect environment where they are groomed in such a manner so that they can continue with their noble work which may be purpose of re-birth.


Therefore, the couple has to increase the good karmic level to such an extent that the divine soul chooses it to be its parents. Since all this is possible only during the pregnancy phase which we strongly believe is one of the most important, precious and delicate phase in the lifetime of any mother. People who follow our most advanced Garbh Sanskar antenatal classes sincerely get desirable results.

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